Photo taken by Roberto Cordero Jr. on set of The Cause


I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, which pretty much any Phoenician will tell you is the most boring suburb in the U.S.  Growing up I always had a fascination with cameras, but never really got my hands on one until I was a senior in high school.  From that point on, I haven't been able to get away from them. I’m known as a big movie geek to my friends, which is bad because all of my friends work in the industry as well.


I have been making narrative films for about 8 years.  I started off as an editor and have since started writing and directing my own content.  There isn't a huge demand for narrative directors in Arizona, so I have had to adapt and start creating work for myself. I love to constantly push myself to new creative limits and try new styles and genres. I find I work very closely with camera and art department in all of my work. I love the technical and creative challenges of that whole realm.


I feel like my style is constantly changing in the best ways.  I'm always trying new things and experimenting, pushing my comfort zones to explore new possibilities.  Working as a director and cinematographer, I have had a lot of opportunities to express myself though the cinematic medium. I just love to emulate different aspects of life as much as I can. Cinema is an extremely unique storytelling device, and I find that I can express myself best when I’m creating a film.  I also love going back to old projects and seeing how much I've been able to develop new looks over time.


I've grown up smack in the middle of the digital revolution, but I have always preferred doing things the old fashioned way.  I have a great respect for anyone who has the patience to to wait for the perfect shot.  You only have a few chances, after all.   I love the thrill of seizing the right moments.  Its not just the quality of film that I enjoy, but the time it takes to see your own work come to life.  Picking up a roll of film is like waking up early on Christmas morning and opening presents.