Photo taken by Roberto Cordero Jr.


I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, which pretty much any Phoenician will tell you is the most boring suburb in the U.S.  Growing up I always had a fascination with cameras, but never really got my hands on one until I was a senior in high school.  From that point on, I haven't been able to stop traveling and capturing the life around me.  I take every opportunity I can to get away and shoot.  I've become known as a sort of camera geek around my friends and family, but I'm totally cool with that.


I have been making narrative films for about 7 years.  I started off as a 1st AC and have since started writing and directing my own content.  There isn't a lot of demand for directors in Arizona, so I have had to adapt and start creating work for myself.  I have directed two festival qualifying / award winning shorts.  I still really enjoy working anywhere in camera department.  I love the technical and creative challenges of that whole realm.


I've grown up smack in the middle of the digital revolution, but I have always preferred doing things the old fashioned way.  I have a great respect for anyone who has the patience to to wait for the perfect shot, like you have to when shooting on film.  You only have X amount of chances, after all.   I love the thrill of seizing the right moments.  Its not just the quality of film or the look of it that I enjoy, but the time it takes to see your own work come to life.  Picking up a roll of film is like waking up early on Christmas morning and opening presents.  


I feel like my style is constantly changing in the best ways.  I'm always trying new things and experimenting, pushing my comfort zones to explore new possibilities.  I just love to capture life, I suppose.  I love going back to old projects and seeing how much I've been able to develop new looks over time.  I'm definitely my  own worst critic.